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BFT Company uses its physical and financial expertise to support customers with a wide range of specialized market access, asset optimization, risk management, supply, marketing and logistics services.

About Us

Acting since 2005 in the food market, BFT Foods has become a global reference in credibility and relationship with the most diverse cultures.
Over all these years, BFT Foods has commercialized Chicken, Beef and Fish proteins, also fruits, vegetables, corn, soy and sugar.
We have a select team with extensive experience in all those sectors, bringing even more consistency and transparency to the business.

Our Mission:

To be a global reference in profitable businesses for all stakeholders, through our connections, expertise, and sustainable strategies, always aiming at the growth and perpetuity of all our partners. All this done through our multicultural team that is our greatest asset.


Transform the needs and difficulties of our customers and suppliers into profitable solutions to create value for all parties involved.


• Adaptability

•  Creativity

•  Honesty

•  Responsability

•  Hard Work


BFT Foods is honor to inform that we own 2 private brands for chicken and beef items.
Almadina Brand is established in the market for over 15 years; this brand was already tasted for many families in all Middle East Countries.
Al Fajr Brand started in 2014 since then has been exported to several countries.
Having our own brands mean to compromise with our partners’ food security, quality and constancy. We have our quality control team where we constantly visit our producer partners in order to validate the quality assurance.


Our Service are:


Have you ever thought about selling in dollars? We have a service dedicated to companies with little or no experience in export, where BFT Foods looks for business opportunities, makes a diagnosis and carries out the entire export process focused on the best profitability of your company. We have a diversity of customers around the world, we reach different market niches aiming the increasing of your company’ s market share.


We buy and sell products, mainly animal protein such as Chicken, Beef, Pork, Fish and we also deal with fruits, vegetables, corn, soy and sugar. We collaborate with suppliers who rely on us to promote their products in a competitive and intelligent way. Our customers trust on our partnership, as they know that they will find the right product for the market at an adequate price

Logistics Service

Assistance service for companies, experienced or not, we do all the logistics work for your company. With the great experience and relationship of years, we have special negotiations with shipping companies around the world, which allows us to be competitive in prices and provide a good service to our customers.

Financial Service

If our suppliers want to increase export business, but the cash flow of the operation is a limitation, we have the ideal solution for them where the company receives immediately after loading the goods in the containers. In other hand, if you are an importer and need more time to pay for the goods, we can finance the necessary period for your company focused on selling the products.

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